Climb stairs instead of taking liftTake stairs instead of lift

If you live in an apartment, choose stairs instead of lift. Climbing stairs is one of the best fat burning workouts that can be done by almost anyone, who does not have enough time to exercise. Stay at home moms can shed off those extra pounds by opting for low-impact exercise like climbing stairs. Stair climbing at a moderate rate helps burn more calories as compared to cycling or jogging at the same pace.  The reason is because climbing stairs involves vertical climb. Stair climbing will help stay at home moms strengthen bones and improve cardiovascular health.

The advancing technology has provided every house with lifts and elevators and only a few houses do not have these facilities. Climbing stairs gives an overall workout for the body and the best part is that it can be done anywhere and anytime. Stair climbing makes use of the lower body. Gravity is used as resistance while climbing stairs and this gives you a good aerobic workout. Going up stairs utilizes quadriceps, glutes and calf muscle.

Climbing stairs is an excellent exercise for stay at home moms and it helps them to build lower body muscles. You can enjoy climbing stairs by skipping every other stair to remove boredom. This will cause you to put in more hard work and places a greater demand on your lower body, thereby helping to lose weight easily.


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