Pregnancy weight gain is unavoidable. But does that mean you can’t get into your pre-pregnancy shape? Of course, you can, but with significant patience and care. Losing baby fat can never be easy or quick-fixed. It can however be possible over a time period with consistent efforts and following some smart tips. Not only do first-time moms experience challenges with their babies. I remember when having my second child, I still faced so many challenges. But, then I learned about Mom’s On-Call Schedule and everything became easier. Here are a few for you to follow:-

1. Overnight is not the right duration for weight loss

Physicians and Gynecologists quote that “Give your body a few month time before you start keeping an eye on your calorie count.”  Beginning with your dieting schedule too early begets adverse effects to health for both, you and your baby. In fact, dieting is the wrong word,”balanced diet” is what you actually require.

A healthy, breast feeding mom requires approximately1200 calories per day. The number can extends to 1500 or more. This means it’s not the time to go on go on dieting, restricting your food intake would affect the supply of feeding milk. Besides, losing too much weight can release toxins that enter your milk supply.

2. Proper breast feeding is the right approach:

Regular and proper breast feeding burns a considerable amount of body fat that you layered up during pregnancy. This feed extracts 500 calories per day from your body, but that too require a healthy breast feeding diet plan. This way you can naturally burn calories each time you feed. Along with reducing some of your layered fats, breast feeding can help:-

  • Reduce risk to develop osteoporosis
  • Reduces the chances of ovarian cancer
  • Eliminates the risk of breast cancer

 3. Follow a realistic workout schedule:

Your workout schedule depends highly on what type of delivery you have undergone. To start workout it is recommended to wait for six weeks after a vaginal birth and eight weeks after a cross-section. Do not go for high impact exercises like push ups and sit ups to reduce your belly fat, rather go for low impact exercises like yoga and swimming. Also, it’s impossible to lose weight from one part of your body. So doing ten thousand crunches a day wouldn’t do any good. Certain recommended exercises for reducing baby fat are listed below:

  • Deep breathing along with contraction of stomach, this helps reducing abs. You can eventually increase the time you hold your belly.
  • Doing leg slides with proper care can be highly beneficial.
  • Low impact yoga exercises are also recommended.

4.Walking: Health in a nutshell

A leisurely stroll can be best to burn baby fat. Make walking a habit, walk your way to the places that are not far off and indulge into daily house chores. This will prevent you from gaining more pounds.

5. Have a good night sleep

When you are sleep deprived body releases Ghrelin, a hormone which makes you hungry. So, the less you sleep the more active this hormone gets, making you crave for food even when you’re full. For a good sleep at night you should:

  • Sleep facing the left side, as per the medical advice.
  • Relax along with your baby before going to sleep.
  • Actively involve you husband to baby sit during night.
  • Don’t go for heavy exercises before sleep.
  • Try to have a routine, a regular bed time.


6. Post Partum Depression

Researches have linked PPD with weight retention after pregnancy. This means that the likelihood of retaining weight after child birth is higher for a woman who is under PPD.  Symptoms of this depression includes sadness, anxiety, irritability, fatigue and changes in sleeping habits. The basic reason behind post partum depression is alteration of hormone levels during and after pregnancy, but number of additional factors can also be attributed to it. Factors like low self-esteem, a history of depression, low emotional support, and child care stress can be the causes for PPD.

Medical studies support the fact that postpartum depression can be treated with certain treatment options like, a proper diet, stress free environment, healthy sleep patterns, staying happy and visiting a psychologist.

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