You might followed diet, worked out but your debilitating eating disorders do not allow you to follow anything with determination. Weight loss does not happen accidentally, you have to work towards it, to achieve it. If you really want to change the way you look with that extra 50 or 100 pounds, you have to make some life changes. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning but eventually, you are the one going to get benefits from it. But you have to bring some lifestyle changes in order to get your body in shape. Mara Schiavocampo is an American Journalist, who work for ABC news and has come up with this book ‘Thinspired’, which may inspire all of us, who want to lose weight.

Every obese person has a story to share when he is successful at losing weight. I am sure many of you out there have a story, but those of you, who are still suffering from complex fat that just doesn’t burn, no matter how hard you try, here is the solution. In this article, we have brought secrets of a winner Mara Schiavocampo who has lost weight and wants to share her story through her book ‘Thinspired.’

According to Mara, there is a formula to benefit from lifestyle changes, you bring in your life, it constitutes:

Food: 70 percent
Sleep: 10 percent
Planning: 10 percent
Exercise: 10 percent

Food: According to Mara, it is important to have a control on what you eat and how you eat it. Food is the biggest factor. It is extremely important that your diet goes right with your work out.

Interestingly, if you eat right, you may not need exercise at all. Many believe that you can eat anything and sweat it out in the gym later on, but it is not true. Eating in accordance with exercise is equally essential and sometimes even more important.

For some period of time, focus only on food– what to eat and when to eat. Prepare a diet plan for yourself. Diet change is as hard as jumping from the cliff and it has been hard for Mara as well, but you need to eliminate all trigger foods like processed foods, dairy and flour.
Eat fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, beans, nuts and whole grains, mostly. Processed food is poison for you. Once you decide upon this, you are going to lose weight as easily as rolling downhill.

Sleep: Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day is extremely important, it plays a big role in weight-loss, says Mara. When you take the necessary sleep, you tend to eat less, studies have suggested. Proper sleep gives you peace of mind, it lets you make right choices in terms of food. You are more energetic.
If you are getting tired early in the day, this means you are not getting adequate sleep in the night. The amount of sleep required varies from 7 to 9 hours for every person.

Exercise: Mara believes that when you get used to exercise, you start loving it. It keeps you energetic the whole day, and is a great stress reliever. There are certain exercises which are even fun besides being helpful.
She also believes that any activity you love can become your weight-loss exercise, it’s not that you have to spend time at gyms and sweat yourself excessively. Play field games or run in the morning. Do any activity you love but you must not get bored of it and always look forward to it. Do not underestimate your strength.

Planning: Failing to plan means planning to fail. A lot of weight-loss issues are nothing but logistics that need a thoughtful planning of a few minutes, says the author in the book ‘Thinspired’.
Plan everything properly, take time to cook. Make sure your kitchen is packed with groceries. Like other appointments, put your workouts in your calender.

Mara’s mantra for weight-loss ‘is Eat Clean, Train Dirty

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