When you don’t have time to hit the gym that often and you still have that extra body weight to lose, you can always resort to wearing body shapewear. However, this should never be a day to day habit. This is because wearing tight body shaping undergarments can cause you trouble in breathing and digestion.

  1. You can get UTI

One major cause of urinary tract infection is holding your urine for too long. When you are wearing body shaping undergarments whether it’s for tummy shaping, shapewear for muffin top- sweetskinliners, etc, you’ll tend to press the urine for as long as possible to avoid wiggling in and out of the corset or girdle. This can result in you get awful infections.

  1. Can cause acid reflux

Body shapewear is tight, and they compress your stomach and the organs. This causes discomfort and can lead to heartburn due to acid reflux. There could also be potential future problems from this mess.

  1. Can cause bloating

When you eat a large meal, your stomach expands, and your clothes feel a little bit snug. For you to be comfortable, you can adjust your clothes and breathe. When wearing tight cinchers or corsets, this is not an option, and you continue feeling uncomfortable. This causes gas to be retained in your stomach and cause bloating.

  1. Can cause numbness and tingling

Wearing something tight can cut your blood circulation, making you numb. This concept applies when you wear tight body shapewear. Your tummy and thighs are so tight that the blood doesn’t flow evenly in your body. This can cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica, which causes pain and numbness to your legs. It is caused by compression of nerves in your thighs, thus cutting of skin sensation in your upper thighs.

  1. Causes varicose veins

When you put too much pressure on your limbs, you have high chances of getting blood clots and varicose veins. When blood doesn’t flow to your legs evenly, you can get blood clots. However, this condition is common to people who are genetically prone to varicose veins.

  1. High chances that you are compressing your organs

The body-shaping undergarment is built to hold everything tight thus giving you that hourglass figure. Prolonged wear of this body shapewear can lead to compressing your body organs. This can result in severe complications in the future.

  1. May limit your breathing

If you are in the habit of wearing body shapers that covers you to the diaphragm, they can restrict your breathing. This is because the body shapewear for whatever saggy body parts are tight and compresses your diaphragm and lungs. This can make it difficult for you to breath.



Body shapewear works excellent when you want to achieve that hourglass shape in a matter of seconds. However, prolonged use can cause some severe health problems.