Women are inclined to store more belly fat than men. Getting rid of belly fat can be quiet difficult for women. There are several reasons why women develop fat around their belly. It can be due to hormonal imbalances or aging and heredity. Women having belly fat are at a greater risk of developing heart problems, diabetes and certain type of cancers. Belly fat is unhealthy and most difficult to lose. However, by following an appropriate diet plan and exercise regimen, you can lose belly fat easily.

Women have greater chances of developing belly fat, as their metabolism rate is lower than men. Since women have lesser number of muscle tissues, they find it difficult to lose belly fat. One of the best ways to lose belly fat for women is to bring about changes in lifestyle and lose fat overall around the body. The below mentioned tips will help you in keeping off belly fat and stay healthy.

Watch your diet: Diet plays a vital role in weight loss and getting a flat stomach. Women must consume foods rich in proteins and avoid junk foods for a slimmer belly. Avoiding foods like soft drinks, processed and canned food, dairy products and sweets can help women lose belly fat. Eat whole grain foods because they contain fibers that keep your stomach filled for longer duration. This prevents women from storing fats in their belly.

Exercise regularly: Exercise tones the muscles and helps in getting rid of belly fat. Running, swimming and jumping from rope are some of the exercises that help women in losing belly fat. Women should include a combination of weight training exercises and cardio exercises for getting that flat belly.

Get enough sleep: Ensure that you get enough sleep, which is very important for weight loss and for reducing belly fat. Women getting less than seven to eight hours of sleep are more likely to gain fat around their belly. Improper sleep lowers leptin, a protein that holds back appetite. It also slows down insulin production, which controls blood sugar. Women must ensure that they sleep two to three hours after dinner.

Manage stress: Managing stress is the key to losing belly fat for several women. Stress increases the storage of abdominal fat in your body thereby minimizing the chances of reducing belly fat. Stress can be reduced by cutting back on busy schedules and going to bed early.

Foods that keep off belly fat

  • Oatmeal is rich in fiber and keeps your stomach filled. Women feel less hungry and this lowers the chances of gaining belly fat.
  • Almonds and nuts satisfy your hunger pangs and are best foods for flat belly.
  • Olive oil satisfies hunger and keeps cholesterol under control.
  • Green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are good for health. They contain very few calories and lessen belly fat.
  • Low-fat dairy products contain calcium, an important nutrient needed by most women. Calcium assists in breaking down fat and prevents it from further formation.