Jump and Skip your way to better health

Jumping rope workout done regularly helps burn large amounts of fats in your body. This exercise requires only a jumping rope and no other equipment. Stay at home moms need to take out at least 12 minutes in a day to shed off 200 calories by doing the jumping rope workout. The major benefit of this inexpensive workout is that it can be done anywhere and requires minimal space.

You can take the jumping rope to the park near your house and skip while watching your kids playing there. Stay at home moms would not like to miss their favorite shows on TV. This workout can be done in front of your TV sets while watching your favorite show. Besides burning fat, jumping rope workout tones muscles and brings in co-ordination and endurance.

Jumping rope is a simple exercise and you need to move your arms and jump over the rope. Bringing arms and legs in coordination is an important part of this workout. Jumping rope exercise tones leg muscles and improves balance. Jumping rope can bring back memories about your childhood days and make you feel like a kid again. This workout can be a lot of fun and stay at home moms will love to continue the jumping rope exercise forever.

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