Swim with your kidsSwimming – Good Fat burner for stay at home moms

Swimming can be done at home if you have your own pool. It is one of the best fat burners for stay at home moms and requires use of entire body muscles. Body parts such as shoulders, hips, arms, legs and torso get a good workout by swimming. Apart from burning fats, swimming is beneficial in toning body and improving flexibility. Stay at home moms will enjoy swimming to cool off from the scorching summer heat.

Swimming is another cardio exercise that burns calories, boosts metabolism and firms body muscles. Stay at home moms can hit the water by wearing swim suit, cap and goggles. Swimming burns nearly 500 calories per hour. Moms opting for a vigorous swim can burn nearly 700 calories per hour. Every workout in swimming is similar to a mini resistance workout for your entire body. Besides burning calories, swimming also helps stay at home moms build lean muscles. This boosts metabolism and helps in burning more calories.

Stay at home moms get tired very fast due to the busy schedule they have the entire day. Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and helps moms get active for carrying out physical activities throughout the day. Swimming is perfect for strengthening muscles and improves overall fitness.

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