10 Easy Ways To Sneak Workout Routines For A Active Body – [An Infographic]

Workout Routines For Active Body

Physical activities add years to our life. There are lots of workout routines for active and fit body. If active body is your goal, include different type of workout routines . Home is one of the perfect place to workout . Small steps toward healthy living and few workout routines can change our life magically. Increasing the number of steps that you take each day will reduce risk for many diseases . Even if you don’t have time for workout , short rounds of exercise can be added in daily routine. Here are few hacks for exercise at home and office.

1. Go for the stairs: Take the stairs whenever possible instead of escalator or elevator. Climbing stairs helps get your heart rate up and burns calorie. ( three minutes burns over 200 calories)

2. Try Break yoga poses in office: Whenever you’ve stepped away from your desk, move through a few yoga poses before sitting back . Find a safe spot in office to try a few yoga poses .

3. Utilize commercial break time while watching tv: In between commercial break you can opt for bodyweight or sit ups work outs. Keep hand weights ready by your TV. Lift them in commercial break.

4. Clean your home regularly for fit body: Cleaning is the best workout, especially if you have a large home. It involves lot of walking, lifting, and stretching. All the movements and tension during home cleaning , burns extra calories .

5. Park Far away from stores while shopping: Park at the other end of the lot and walk to the store. This will give extra walking miles to burn calories.

6. Add new Hobby for active body and mind: Go for swimming . Go bird watching. Sign up for dance classes .Start a kitchen garden. These hobbies will sneak more activity into your day.

Here checkout the info graphics by “World Lifestyle” showing 10 easy ways to sneak workout into your day.
Add two or three workout tips daily in your day . You could start doing these workouts immediately, and they cost nothing at all . Office is another perfect place to work out. Reduce the amount of time spent on sitting each day. I hope these workout routines will make you fit and active.

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