When you are extremely hungry and lunch is hours away, you could indulge in snacking. If weight loss is your goal then its better;

  • To avoid snacking and wait for lunch instead.
  • Or indulge in healthy snacking.

While the former can be seldom followed, the latter works amazingly for healthy weight loss. Healthy snacking habits helps you stick to your dieting goals and aid in weight loss. Eating healthy snacks like fruits and raw vegetables can satisfy your hunger and keep you healthy. It is very important to keep moderation and balance in mind when you plan to incorporate snacks into your weight loss plan. Unhealthy snacks are high in salt, sugar and fat content and obstruct in your weight loss efforts.

In the fast-paced life with busy work schedules and other commitments, it is natural to opt for snacks because of their quick availability. Snacks are not completely bad for health; however it totally depends on the kind of snacks chosen and the content in them. Fried and spicy snacks are high in fat and salt content. These snacks can stall the weight loss process completely. The other snacks that obstruct weight loss goals include chips, chocolates and nuts, which are laden with trans fats and calories. By cutting out these unhealthy snacks from your diet, you can quickly reach your weight loss goals.

Choosing the right healthy snacks

The availability of numerous varieties of snacks in the market has made it difficult for choosing the right kind of healthy snacks. Choosing the right healthy snacks contribute to a healthy diet and supply energy to the body. Healthy items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheese, and dried fruits are good for a healthy diet.

It is important to ensure that your body is getting the daily requirements. At times, your body may not receive the recommended amount of nutrients. It is at such a time when snacking can come handy. If you receive enough vitamins and minerals by consuming meals, but not enough fiber or protein then you must opt for healthy snacks that contain fiber or protein. Snacks rich in fiber and protein leave you feeling full and are excellent choice for weight loss. Fiber rich snacks clean your digestive system and help in its proper functioning. Here are a few healthy snacks that aid in weight loss.

  • Popcorn is low in calories and rich in fiber content. The low-fat variety of popcorn is a very healthy snack.
  • A handful of dried fruit like cherries or raisins and a tablespoon of cashews, almonds or walnuts are healthy snacks best to behad in the morning or late-afternoon.
  • Protein rich diet like low fat yogurt is a healthy snack. Yogurt contains dietary calcium. Research studies show having low fat yogurt everyday can help lose weight.