If you’re facing serious medical issues due to your weight or you have a BMI of 30 and above then this article is for you.


Losing weight isn’t easy. With the hours of exercise and non-tasty diets, you must have tried everything to lose weight. What if you were told that there is one diet format that can help you lose weight as well as maintain it and stay in fashion. Fashion By Us is a trending fashion blog about fashions, style, beauty, weddings, wedding checklists, Jewellery, shopping, etc. This isn’t a fad diet and those who have gone through this diet are living a healthier life with the change. Optifast diet is growing popular and you need to focus your attention on it. What is this diet all about and why should you consider it?

This blog will provide you a complete guide.

What Is ‘Optifast’ Diet?

Optifast diet is a low-calorie diet. Before you can get started with it, you need to take the support of a medical professional. Optifast has four levels, Intensive, Active 2, Active 1, and maintenance level.


The key focus of the Optifast diet is to help those who suffer from severe weight loss to shed a few kilos without straining or harming their health.

What Is The Process Of The Optifast Diet?

In the initial phase, you will be having a complete meal replacement. Then you’ll move to a partial meal replacement and then you will start to replace all the meals you consume except for one. In that, you’ll be consuming Optifast foods.


Optifast initial process lasts for 12 weeks. In this phase you’ll experience rapid weight loss as the calories you’ll be consuming will be anywhere between 800-1000 a day. Slowly as you pass the levels of the Optifast diet, your diet will start to include vegetables especially non-starchy ones, dairy, fruits, and more. Consumption of water is also required with a minimum of two liters a day.

What Food Products Does Optifast Diet Offer?

Optifast provides ready-to-have shake mix, soup mix, and even drink shakes. There are multiple flavors and the calorie count for each is less.


Another reason why dieters opt for the Optifast diet is that their products provide all the vitamins and minerals needed during this process.

Is Optifast Diet Expensive?

No, it isn’t.

The rough estimate is between $3.75 to $5.00 RRP per person.

Who Should Avoid Optifast Diet?

Those who fall in the below category should avoid this diet:

• Normal BMI weight individuals
• Breastfeeding mothers
• Pre-existing health conditions individuals
• Pregnant individuals
• Dieters under the age of 18.

Wrapping Up

So do you fit the above list?

What are your views about this diet?


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