When you are aiming for losing weight there is certainly a range of foods that you must avoid at all cost. If not avoided, these foods can create massive damage to your physical wellbeing. However, there are certain foods to eat to lose weight!

If you aim for natural weight loss then it is of paramount importance to be a conscious eater. It is must to follow a natural diet plan that takes you closer to your ideal weight. You must be aware of foods that help you in losing weight.

Let us explore several facets of a natural based diet plan!


1. Is your diet plan meeting your protein needs?

It does not matter what kind of diet plan you tend to follow, you have to have a substantial amount of protein intake on daily basis. Many weight control coaches recommend eating proteins for breakfast to lose weight.

Your diet plan should include a protein rich snack before 30 minutes of working out and rich in protein snack after the workout.

2. Where are you getting your calories from?

This largely depends on your composition of the body and the phase that you’re diet plan is in. If you are in the initial stage of following your diet then it is essential for you to eat fewer calories than what you are burning.

Make a wise choice in selecting diet food to balance your calorie intake. Too much of calories will make you put on weight and too little of calories will prevent muscle gain and unhealthy weight loss.

There are certain weight loss foods that will help you to burn extra calories such as brown rice, papaya, lean meat and mushrooms.

 3. Are you getting enough nutrients in your diet food?

It is true that you need to pay special attention to your protein and carb intakes; however, it is profoundly important to know whether your body is getting enough daily nutrients or not.

For the betterment of your overall health and endurance levels, you do need sufficient amounts of vitamins, amino and minerals. Stocking healthy food such as oats, wild salmon fish, leafy kale and seaweed will prove quite beneficial in the long run. Although having all these diet food may or may not offer you all nutrients that your body needs. One way to meet several nutritional demands of your body is by using supplements.

It is believed that serotonin deficiency may result into obesity. As a result of which 5-HTP MAX, a naturally occurring amino acid supplement is taken by many to suppress appetite. This supplement, if taken along with a proper diet plan, helps in losing weight naturally as it makes you feel satisfied after eating a piece of your meal.

4. Are you willing to stay consistent in your diet plan?

There are many people who start following a particular diet plan under guidance of a fitness coach, but, it is rare to see them following it for a long time. It is of crucial importance to follow your diet plan regularly and without breaks.

By all means, you have to stick to your diet plan to witness dramatic results. Of course, feel free to try the variations in your food intake, but, the bottom line remains the same viz. to have a wholesome and nutritional diet plan.

Lastly, studies have shown that health promoting foods such as green vegetables, beans and whole grains should be a part of your healthy routine. Also, do not ever forget the importance of drinking water for losing weight.


When in doubt, always check with a dietician and make sure you are eating the right stuff. Have a healthy life!

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