Ayurveda and Chinese medicine employed Berberine for curing a variety of conditions, especially diabetes and insulin resistance. With the new finding, the use has got a scientific nod and is estimated to gain acceptance and popularity on a wider scale. According to this find, it is of huge value in the field of weight loss treatment and has been proved beneficial for all those finding it difficult to burn calories sliding into those parts of the body which are prone to weight gain.

Berberine is a plant alkaloid found in a number of plants such as berberis, tree turmeric, goldthread, oregon grape, goldenseal, phellodendron, yellowroot, amur cork tree, prickly poppy, Californian poppy and European barberry. It is mostly located in rhizomes, roots, bark and stem.

Berberine and its benefits

The plant extract Berberine is beneficial in a number of ways as it targets AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), regulator of metabolism in all plants and animals. An increased AMPK proves effective for curing diabetes and heart-related problems.

This is how Berberine works for diabetics:

  • Stimulates glucose absorption into the cells
  • Makes insulin sensitivity better
  • Lowers glucose production in the liver


Berberine for heart-related problems:

  • Slows-down release of free fatty acids, thus lowering lipid levels and preventing fat deposition.
  • Enhances fat burning in mitochondria
  • Triggers Nitric Oxide release. It should be noted that this molecule is responsible for relaxing the arteries, increasing blood flow and also providing protection against atherosclerosis.


Other Berberine benefits:

Though there is insufficient evidence but it is speculated that Berberine is effective in

  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Checking high cholesterol
  • curing intestinal infections
  • easing joint and ligament problem
  • treating obesity
  • improving high blood pressure
  • check Low bone density
  • immune disorders

Scientific Affirmation

A research by Chinese scientist has revealed that a compound present in Berberine and henceforth berberine itself might be a big player in the human quest of losing weight safely and effectively. These scientists under the supervision of Guang Hing conducted experiments on laboratory mice. They injected the compound in question into the creatures. The mice produced 4-8 degrees higher body temperature when kept in cold temperature in addition to burning calories.

It is noteworthy to say here that the compound has often been used in Chinese medicine for its ability to stimulate brown fat to work harder. Brown fat is the heat producing tissue in the body with an ability to burn calorie-laden fats known as lipids. Though the results of the experiment haven’t been applied on humans yet, but the results are encouraging and shows immense promise hinting towards a great future in weight loss treatment.

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