There could be some relief for obese older men, wanting to lose weight [sources: BBC Health News]. Recent findings as published at the European Congress of Obesity suggest that older obese men could lose weight by taking Testosterone supplements.

The study involved principle similar to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for women. Group of men who were deficit in hormone were given testosterone. On an average 16 kg weight loss was observed after testosterone levels were restored.

However, experts are bit skeptic about these findings. According to them such supplements can’t be an alternative to weight loss in older men, as increased testosterones could lead to prostrate cancer and heart disease.

Prof Richard Sharpe from the University of Edinburgh Centre for Reproductive Health said, “The notion that this is a quick fix for obese older men is, as always, simplistic. It is far more sensible and safer for men to reduce their food intake, reduce their obesity, which will then elevate their own testosterone.”

Further, the study also suggested reduction in waist circumference and blood pressure. According to lead author of study Dr.Farid Saad the result analyzed from this showed that for five year men who were part of this study had lost weight. This he suggested could be due increased testosterone that in turn increased more energy and physical activity in them

Experts, however remain divided. While some have linked low testosterone levels equivalent to male menopause, others haven’t found such relations. Often low testosterone levels in older men are accompanied with symptoms like changed sleeping patterns, poor concentration and anxiety.

Prof Ashley Grossman, an endocrinologist from the University of Oxford was quoted saying, “This is interesting, but not absolutely convincing. We cannot say for sure that this is the effect of the drug rather than being involved in such a trial.

“I will remain skeptical until I see a large scale study in a more robust fashion. The gold standard test would be to pitch the testosterone injections against a dummy drug in a controlled trial.”

There have been many researches and studies conducted prior to this which suggest a link between low testosterone levels and obesity, but findings lack explicit evidences.


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