The old standard advice for those who wanted to lose weight was to diet and exercise. While this works for some people, there have always been millions who never got the results they wanted. Today, there are alternatives, in the form of cosmetic weight loss procedures that can help people lose those unwanted pounds. The results can be significant, with people losing weight and being able to move to a healthier lifestyle. If you’re considering exercise vs. cosmetic weight loss, here are a few things to consider.

Health improvements

Getting more exercise can certainly make you healthier, and it has been proven in many studies that even moderate exercise a few times a week can lead to overall health improvements. The difficulty is that many people who are obese find it very difficult to exercise enough to make a difference. This is where having weight loss surgery can come in. After losing weight through a surgical procedure, a person is able to take on a more active lifestyle, perform exercises that they could not handle before.

Removal of the excess weight can also help with back pain, high blood pressure, joint problems, and other medical conditions typically associated with being overweight. Using a surgical procedure such as a lap band or gastric bypass can give a person the start they need to turn their life and their lifestyle around, so they can become healthier and happier.

Permanent vs. Temporary weight loss

People who are able to lose weight via diet and exercise often find that the weight loss is temporary. A few weeks or months later, they gain back all the weight lost, and often some more pounds as well. This is where cosmetic weight loss surgery has an advantage. Even though it is natural for a person to have some weight fluctuations, none of the people who have one of these procedures ever develop serious weight problems or become obese again. The reason is that a procedure such as a gastric bypass introduces physical changes in the body which make it more difficult to gain weight. This means that the weight loss results tend to be permanent, which is often not true with exercise.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to eat junk food. Cosmetic interventions such as liposuction or tummy tucks are not permanent, and you can easily go under the knife again if you don’t watch your diet. Allow yourself some comfort food every now and then, but adhere to an exercise plan as well. It doesn’t have to be too demanding – jogging for example, can become such a pleasurable activity.

Improved self-esteem

Embarking on and maintaining an exercise regime can lead to major improvements in strength, stamina, looks, health, and self-esteem. Anyone who has devoted time necessary to get themselves in shape knows the sense of accomplishment and pride that can go with that achievement. The problem is that many people fail in their efforts. Obese people may not be able to exercise enough to get results. Others start a program, then quit shortly afterwards. These people are more likely to get a self-esteem boost from a cosmetic surgery procedure. The surgery can lead to a weight loss and change in their appearance, that gives them greater confidence and self-esteem. This can lead them to participate in physical activities more than they did before, and a healthier lifestyle they were unable to achieve on their own.

If you had enough money to spare, and you had to choose between a 1-year subscription to the gym and liposuction, what would you choose? The answer is obvious, and many would go for the second option. Exercise is extremely important because it keeps our bodies strong, vibrant and health. Weight loss cosmetic surgery does have a lot of benefits too, but you can’t rely solely on such interventions to look good.

Can plastic surgery change your life? Yes, it can. It can boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful; however, in order to feel good on the outside and on the inside, it is important to make lifestyle changes too. Eat right, exercise regularly and you’ll feel like a million dollars every day of your life.

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