Lose weight by sweeping floorBurn calories easily with household chores

Sweeping and mopping floor are best fat burning workouts for women at home. These workouts help burn nearly 240 calories per hour. Women can easily lose extra pounds by doing these household chores. Sweeping and mopping are excellent workouts for the upper and lower body. Besides, being good exercise for shoulder muscles and biceps these household tasks also help tone muscles.

Scrubbing and cleaning a particular surface will burn more calories than simply dusting the surface with a cloth. More energetic chores such as spring cleaning and decorating will help burn calories easily. Stay at home moms can take up outside chores that include sweeping and mowing the lawn to burn more calories and tone muscles. Cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom will burn 250 calories; while scrubbing the floor will help you burn 350 calories.

Vaccuming is another household task that helps stay at home mom’s burn 160 calories an hour. Cleaning the car and gardening are excellent tasks for burning large amounts of fats. Moms also indulge in ironing clothes which helps them burn 120 calories. Ironing is a great workout for upper body and it helps tone muscles.

Household chores help stay at home moms stay in shape, while they also keep the house neat and clean.

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