The long awaited Turkey Day is finally around the corner and all of us are excited about the scrumptious meals and the mouth-watering deserts served at the Thanksgiving dinner. If you are the host, then undoubtedly you would want the guests to admire each and every delicacy of the feast, but there is one more thing that you would certainly want and that is to look good and in shape to fit in that gorgeous Thanksgiving outfit. If you really want to lose weight for Thanksgiving¸ then the following simple lifestyle changes NOW can help you to get rid of a few pounds and look slim before the grand feast.

Make a healthy choice for snacking

If you happen to be a working woman, then it is obvious that you will feel hungry by the time the clock strikes three or four and you would run to the pantry or raid the candy machine. Instead you should snack on healthier foods like an apple, or fat free yogurt or fresh fruit smoothies, or some nut like almonds or walnuts. Not only will these satisfy your hunger and taste buds, but also help to keep your hunger at bay until your dinner. This will help you achieve your Thanksgiving weight loss target.

Keep yourself hydrated

Often thirst can be confused with hunger and if you do not get enough water, you are likely to overeat. Moreover, during the winter months, the cold winds and air can often lead to inadequate water intake. This further makes you even hungrier and you will probably make unhealthy eating choices, which will cause your weight to increase. Therefore it is important for you to keep yourself hydrated. Not only will help you keep away excess weight, but will also help you get a radiant and healthy skin so that you glow naturally by Thanksgiving.

Order smart restaurant meals

Since restaurant meals can restrict your Thanksgiving weight loss goals, it is better to avoid restaurant trips on the first place. But, if in case your visit is necessary, then you still can stick to your weight loss target by making a smart choice of meals. Instead of buttery, basted, creamy, smothered, fried, crispy and sautéed food you can order for something that is baked, poached, steamed or blackened. Go with oil based salad in place of cream-based dressing. Ordering such a calorie and fat free food will make sure that you lose weight for Thanksgiving.

Cut back on calorie intake

Even small, effortless changes like consuming fat free milk in your morning tea or coffee can reduce your calories as well aid your Thanksgiving weight loss. Instead of sugary drinks or alcoholic beverage, switch to herbal tea. All such small adjustments will assist in cutting down your caloric intake.

Exercise daily

Although the holiday season keeps you busy throughout the day, but that does not mean that you have to give up your exercising schedule. As we all know that there is nothing better than a daily work out to keep off weight, therefore it should not be skipped at any cost. If you do not get enough time during the day, then make sure that you work out in the morning to lose weight for Thanksgiving.

Following the above given tips will help you weigh less for Thanksgiving than you do today and will also make you ready to look and feel gorgeous in the Thanksgiving outfit.


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