You can’t think of getting your day started without a ‘cup of Joe’. You are ready to keep your breakfast at stake for a cup of coffee- acceptable! But would you do the same if your weight loss plan is at stake? Thinks twice! Your morning ‘cuppa Joe’ could be a diet detriment, if you don’t keep those extras out.

Coffee is not to be blamed. The real culprit is the extra milk, cream, sugar and flavorings. Mindlessly adding sugar and cream to your coffee could fetch you more than 200 calories in just one go (and you haven’t even eaten anything yet!). You can strip kilos by making your coffee a bit ‘modest’ by trying:

Green coffee: Generally coffee is made from the beans that are roasted, just to make it tasty. But the process of roasting eliminates Chlorogenic acid. This acid is the active component that is known for its fat burning effect.  Chlorogenic acid is present in the green unroasted coffee beans which help to reduce the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates into blood. Though green coffee does not pose any side effects but it shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant ladies, breast feeding mom’s and kids.

Black coffee: Making your coffee black is by far the best method for losing weight because it’s free from sugar, flavors and fats. This calorie-free drink contains more caffeine and helps in weight loss. Drinking black coffee before workout will be of great help because it speeds up metabolism providing temporary energy boost. This in turn results in more intense exercise contributing to weight loss. And if you can’t stand the taste of black coffee you can add on fat free soya milk to it. It will do wonders to the taste.

Caffeine content in coffee is very important for weight loss. One factor affecting the caffeine content is the brewing process. Different brewing methods require different amounts of coffee and good coffee brewer (with good brew settings) is must to ground coffee to desired levels. Coffee brewers like brazen coffee brewer offers unparallel temperature control and brew settings to make coffee taste its best and healthy

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