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  • Whai is 5-HTP

    What is 5-HTP ?

    5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid found naturally in the body. This is the intermediate in the formation of mood regulating hormone serotonin from tryptophan. According to the doctors,…

  • How 5-HTP Max Work

    5-HTP Max work?

    5-HTP max supplement is made with the natural compound found in the Griffonia simplicifolia plant seeds. 5-HTP is produced naturally in the human body but contains inadequate amounts of serotonin…

  • 5-HTP Max Dosage

    Recommended 5-HTP Max Dosage?

    How 5HTP max ingredients work 5-HTP Max is made up of only one ingredient 5-HTP. One capsule is loaded with 50mg of pure 5-HTP, taken from Griffonia Simplicifolia seed extract.…

  • 5-HTP Max Weightloss

    5-HTP Max weight loss benefits

    5-htp max weight loss formula is well established among people in the health and fitness firms. The supplement serves as a natural appetite suppressant, making it effective for people to…

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  • Increased weight was always a problem for me and due to this I had to avoid my favorite carby foods and sweets. But accepting 5-htp max has completely changed something in me in two weeks I have reached 119 pounds.

  • I tried all weight loss plans from dieting to exercises and even weight loss injections but nothing worked out. Completely depressed I heard of “5-htp max “a new product in market that without changing your diet could lead to weight loss. It has changed me completely and I have lost weight that was always a problem for me.

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