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  • Whai is 5-HTP

    What is 5-HTP ?

    5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid found naturally in the body. This is the intermediate in the formation of mood regulating hormone serotonin from tryptophan. According to the doctors,…

  • How 5-HTP Max Work

    5-HTP Max work?

    5-HTP max supplement is made with the natural compound found in the Griffonia simplicifolia plant seeds. 5-HTP is produced naturally in the human body but contains inadequate amounts of serotonin…

  • 5-HTP Max Dosage

    Recommended 5-HTP Max Dosage?

    How 5HTP max ingredients work 5-HTP Max is made up of only one ingredient 5-HTP. One capsule is loaded with 50mg of pure 5-HTP, taken from Griffonia Simplicifolia seed extract.…

  • 5-HTP Max Weightloss

    5-HTP Max weight loss benefits

    5-htp max weight loss formula is well established among people in the health and fitness firms. The supplement serves as a natural appetite suppressant, making it effective for people to…

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Clinically Proven 5-htp max

Clinically Proven 5-htp max

5HTP max is highly effective clinically proven formula that increases the level of serotonin hormone in the human body and promotes weight loss. Since 30 years several clinical trials were conducted by scientist and evidences were provided to the consumers. Health experts have approved the product as 100% safe with no negative side effects.

Before & After

Before & After

I suffered multiple fractures in my leg last year which kept me bed-ridden for about 8 months. An athletic person like me developed a big paunch. Then my girlfriend brought 5-HTP Max for me. Without making any changes in my diet I have reduced weight. Also I feel more energized now.


What people says about 5-HTP Max?

  • Increased weight was always a problem for me and due to this I had to avoid my favorite carby foods and sweets. But accepting 5-htp max has completely changed something in me in two weeks I have reached 119 pounds.

  • I tried all weight loss plans from dieting to exercises and even weight loss injections but nothing worked out. Completely depressed I heard of “5-htp max “a new product in market that without changing your diet could lead to weight loss. It has changed me completely and I have lost weight that was always a problem for me.

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