5 Tips For Physical Activity At Work 

1. Grab Any Opportunity To Move

Just sticking to your chair whole day is as bad for health as your eating unhealthy snacks.  Any opportunity at work that gives you the chance get off that chair should be grabbed. It keeps you active and gives some reason for calories to burn.    

2. Workplace Exercises Can Keep You Fit

Long sitting hours in front of the computer can have serious repercussions for health. They can cause headaches, eye strain, neck aches, back aches and several other ailments. To overcome these you can attempt computer and desk exercises at regular levels.  This chart will help you out.

3. Walking As Much As You Can

An elevator is a handy option to bypass those stairs. But this slips out an excellent opportunity to lose weight and tone your legs. If you have time, start climbing those stairs – you do have the option to take elevator midway.

4. Don’t Multitask While Eating  & Avoid Desk Dining

It’s great to be a multitasker, but when you need to munch in some snacks or have lunch get single track. It’s highly recommended if you get off the chair and hit to the cafeteria. When you eat absent minded you’ll take in more calories

5. Participate In Office Activity

If your office arranges for physical activity on weekly, bi weekly or monthly bases, don’t slog that time. Be active part of it.


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