Workplace is where you spend maximum time of your day. Most of our eating habits are either influenced or cultivated at workplace. Moreover at work, time is precious and snacks seem to be a reliable option. This is where your weight loss pitiful starts because:-

  • People indulge in unhealthy eating habits more at work than at home.
  • A nagging time limit at work makes you eat rapidly, popularly known as “mindless eating”. Your brain isn’t aware what and when you are eating. This contributes to your growing calories.
  • If deeply lost in work you will generally lose track of having had something making your carvings more intense.
  • Researches have found that men who sit more than six hours a day are twice as likely to be overweight than those sitting for 45 minutes or less. Women do better by staying 20 minutes on feet on an average.

Sedentary jobs have been accused of increasing health problems. But it is our habits that are the biggest contributors. We have come up with some tips.

5 Tips For Healthy Eating At Work

1. Home Based Lunch & Snacks

Preparing lunch and snacks at home is taxing when time pressed. But it is best for your heath. You can plan week’s menu in advance and even stock some preparations in your refrigerator.  Keep all your preparations healthy and nutritious.

2. A Water Bottle & Glass

Keep sipping water throughout the day. It keeps your body hydrated and is effective tool to beat unhealthy food cravings.  Have water either through sipper of glass, it is better as you are able to consume larger amount.

3. Go Nutty or Fruity

If you feel snacking real bad, opt for something healthy like a few nuts, almonds and fresh fruits. Pistachios are an excellent source of fiber and protein. While fruits provide quick energy and pulp value, without preservative or high sugar content normally associated with fruits juices.

4. Resist Temptation

Colleague’s invitation for lunch, coffee or anything that is specific to food is sure hard to resist. But a refusal will ensure that those fats don’t build up. If the insistence is too hard to refuse opt for healthy options like salads, green vegetables, soups and low-calorie juices. For snacks include options like plain popcorn, low-fat yogurt, oatmeal and healthy snack bars. Also don’t take  birthday parties and other office celebrations as an excuse to over indulge. Try sieving out healthy option among the menu to eat.

5. Cut Sugary Drinks

Tea, coffee and juices are commonly sipped in office.  Often these beverages are high in sugar content. Cutting back on them and limiting them to twice or just once will definitely do you good. Furthermore you can also try unsweetened tea, coffee or drink green tea to stay healthy and energized throughout the day.



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