Christmas has just passed by and your sins have already started showing up. Right? New year is banging on the door, you cannot afford to show your bulges in the dress you so lovingly bought for the bash. Even if the result has not started showing up as yet, you are certainly living on the edge. Though we know, you tried your best to stay away from all the temptations but you couldn’t. The same mistake if committed at the new year party can cost you heavily, leaving you heavier than you were before the celebrations took off. In this article, we are listing all the possible ways to stay away and hold your diet so that you can survive the phase and maintain your svelte frame.


Love thy winter greens

People tend to avoid greens in winters citing a reason which is unacceptable. They feel winter greens are not as exciting taste wise as compared to their summer counterparts. This may hold some truth but should not be made an excuse to satiate your taste-buds wrongly. If one mix and matches veggies, it can create a whole new taste altogether. So, pick cauliflower, spaghetti squash from the grocery store and maintain your weight around the celebrations.


Don’t let the temptations make you regret later

Always eat at home and keep your tummy full so that you do not jump on the temptations beautifully decked up around. When your stomach is full, you may feel attracted but you know eating them out would lead to heart burn and other gastric problems. So, you would stay away from these naturally. Make your willpower strong enough so that you can stay lean and pass this phase smoothly without adding an inch. Also, don’t eat everything offered to you. Just take a small portion. .


Don’t blame it on the season

The season of chills has it in it to make one feel sad and depressed. One chows down more carbs in this season than in any other season in order to feel good with serotonin production taking place in the body due to carbs. But too many carbs can lead to an unpleasant weight gain making you regret later. So, try and make yourself happier with other things like catching up with friends and so on.


Never take a break from your daily exercise routine

Most people like to stay away from gyms and their early morning walks just because its holiday season. They believe in relaxing and enjoying the time with near and dear ones. But this actually goes haywire in some cases. You eat unhealthily in this season and adding fuel to fire is your laid back attitude with no physical activity, jazzing up your weight to an extent that you spend most of spring trying to lose weight.


Pick low fat snacks

High fat snacks can leave you weighing heavier. So opt for low fat snacks. It is your choice which will determine how far you succeed in your resolution of staying fit and lean during the new year celebrations.

Happy New Year folks. Stay healthy.