Are you tired following heavy exercise regimen and special diet programs to lose weight? If so, here’s good news, some aromas can help lose weight. Few months ago you could be bit skeptical about this therapy but all the researches thereafter just confirmed this.

Scientists at the University of Chicago researched this factor. For this purpose they engaged women of different age groups and asked them to inhale few scents. The results were pretty startling and confirmed the fact that certain fragrances could assist in weight loss. So switching to diet that includes salads and sprouts are not necessity for losing weight now. Perhaps a scent can do this better.

Researchers say that these scents fool our brain into thinking that we have eaten enough and thus we eat less. It’s almost like tricking your brain into thinking that you have eaten and should not eat more.

Aromas  For Weight  Loss
Certain Fragrances Could Assist In Weight Loss


The Science Behind These Scents

The basic idea behind weight loss through fragrance is that brain’s chemistry is strongly affected by aromas. It affects the levels of serotonin, a chemical that suppresses hunger. That is why people who cook food generally eat less than the people who are not surrounded by food fragrances. Taste is very strongly perceived by the olfactory nerve. This nerve is connected to nose on one end and to that part of brain that signals about hunger levels on the other. These fragrances have direct effect on that part of brain that tells body whether it’s satiated or requires more food.

So, it is nothing like an overnight magic wand but has got a proper scientific reason to back up its effects. When you smell something good like coco, vanilla or lemon it gives you a fuller feeling and curbs your cravings, thus helping you to manage your diet. Some flavor crystals, already available in the markets are actually helping people to curb their cravings.  They work on the same principle.


Few Aromas That Curb Cravings:

Your nose is highly sensitive and active. So as soon as the receptors present in the nose detect fragrance, signals are sent to olfactory centre present in the brain from where the signals travel to the limbic system. This system controls various behaviors like appetite and emotions.  Here are few aromas that curb appetite:-

1) Lemon: According to the aroma therapists the fragrance of lemon reduces appetite and ignites fuel of fat burning cells in the body.

Lemon Reduces Appetite

2) Peppermint: This is known to be the most effective hunger curbing scent by far. It induces a very strong feeling of fullness which reduces the habit of overeating. Smell peppermint fifteen minutes before the meal. It will make you eat less than normal.

Has Hunger Curbing Scent

3) Green apple and banana: It is not necessarily banana or green apple but any of your favorite fruits can do the magic. The scent gives you the feeling of eating your favorite fruit and you will automatically eat less.

Green apple and banana
Fruits like green apples, banana etc. also help in controlling appetite

4) Vanilla: This scent specifically curbs the cravings for chocolate and ice creams. Thus making you eat less calories.

Curbs Cravings for chocolate & Ice Creams

5) Sweet smelling Strawberries, aromatic Rosemary and Basil

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