Stress can impede weight loss If you are planning to lose weight, you need to reduce stress. You feel stressed out when you have to handle things more than you can. Being in a permanent state of stress can lead to serious physical and psychological health problems. During stress you are likely to eat high-calorie foods even when you are not hungry. However, when you are less stressed you tend to stick to healthy eating and exercise routine. This will increase the chances of losing weight. Stress is considered to be a major hindrance in your weight loss efforts. Managing stress effectively means you are managing your weight.

Managing stress effectively is the key to weight loss, say experts. According to a new Kaiser Permanente study, people who want to lose 10 pounds have greater chances of achieving their goal, if they have reduced stress levels. The primary objective of the study was to find out whether stress was directly linked to weight loss. The researchers found that a good amount of sleep also helped in losing weight. People who slept for a period of six to seven hours and those who had lowest stress levels had greater chances of losing weight. The researchers recommended cutting back on busy schedules and going to bed earlier as an important factor in reducing stress.

Another study by UCSF researchers claims stress-reduction techniques helped in weight loss without resorting to dieting. In the study, overweight women who had reduced stress levels lost weight. Stress increases the storage of abdominal fat in your body thereby minimizing the chances of weight loss. Bringing about certain changes in your lifestyle and following stress reduction techniques will help in weight loss.  Here are a few stress reduction techniques that will aid in weight loss.

Meditation and Yoga – Perfect Stress Busters
Yoga and meditation are the perfect for relieving stress and cutting out those extra calories. This needs to be followed along with a proper healthy diet for best results. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation has helped in losing weight. It has reduced belly fat.

Tai chi – Chinese martial art
In order to reduce stress, you can practice Tai chi, a Chinese martial art. This form of exercise has slow movements and helps in weight loss. Tai chi is a very old stress reduction technique and it requires motion and force.

Physical Activity – must for stress reduction
Regular physical activity is very essential for stress reduction and for weight loss. Incorporating physical activity in your daily life helps in converting the stored fat in your body into energy. Try to exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Sleep and Healthy Diet – Vital For Relieving Stress
Having seven to eight hours of sleep daily and following a healthy diet are vital for effective stress reduction. Sleep and a healthy diet also help in weight loss.