It is natural to gain weight after splurging on sweets everyday during holiday season. Noticing a hike, many include weight loss as the top New Year resolution. In fact 99 percent of the people who make this resolution eventually know that penning it is easy. But it takes a lot of will power to actually complete it.  Year after year you try to stick to your weight loss resolutions, but end up in the same rut.

Positive intentions alone aren’t enough. There is a need to put these intentions to work because there is no magic bullet for weight loss. Most people make intimidating weight loss resolutions which are not only hard to follow but quite unrealistic. This is why most people fail in pulling through their weight loss resolutions.

Take a look at non-intimidating and no-nonsense resolutions that’ll make weight loss less hard this time:

#1. Counting Habits Is More Important Than Counting Pounds

Your bad habits are reasons behind your weight. Keep sticking to these bad habits and sabotage your weight control efforts – big time!  Skipping meals is first such habit, especially breakfast. You invite trouble by letting yourself out without eating anything. What next?  You grab something easy and unhealthy. Eating snacks while watching T.V or studying makes you eat more than you actually want to. ‘Quitting bad habits is more important than following good ones.’


Your Resolution – Quit Bad Habits That Sabotage Weight Loss


#2. Sit Less, Stand More

This might sound stupid, but is more effective than all your unrealistic weight control plans that are too difficult to stick to. Standing accounts to almost 50 percent of the energy that we spend daily. Make it a habit to get up from your desk more often, stand while talking on phone or travelling in a bus.

Your Resolution – Active Is The Tactic To Reduce Weight


#3. Watch Out What You Drink

Drinks are often underestimated when it comes to calorie intake. Be it a can of coke, a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee – drinks hold plenty of calories. The worst part – drinks don’t fill-up, making you drink mindlessly. When you eat a slice of cheese you probably know how much calories you take in. But you have no idea when you drink a glass of wine. So replace all these drinks with a glass of water or calorie free beverages.

Your Resolution – Rethink Your Drink

 #4. Get Enough Sleep

It is scientifically proved that not getting enough sleep can trigger your stress and huger hormones making you eat more than you should. The less you sleep, the more opportunity you have to consume calories. So, if not extra hours try and give yourself good amount of sleep.

Your Resolution – Stay Light, Sleep Tight


Your Resolution – Stay Light, Sleep Tight


#5. Take A Break At Times

Being over stringent with your weight loss planoften forces you to give up and eat. Your body does not assess calorie intake for a single meal or even a single day, so allowing yourself an occasional slip is perfectly alright. This occasional treat will keep you going with your weight control plan.

Your Resolution – Trick A Chary Treat
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