For some of us, failing in losing weight is not even an option. Motivation is remarkably important because losing weight can be anything else but easy. Literally and figuratively, you have to sweat hard. There are times when you’re mind pushes you to give up. But, something stops you from listening to your mind, and that something is motivation.

How do you motivate yourself to never give up for losing weight? Read on for some expert tips.

Understand the objective behind losing weight

We all have different reasons behind our weight-loss stories. So, what is yours? It is incredibly important to establish a reason for losing weight because only then can you stay focused in the weight-loss process.

Firstly, identify the reason. Is it for the wedding, to stay fit or any other particular reason?

You will feel awesome

It is true that after a workout, you feel awesome. Exercise of any form helps in releasing the feel good hormone aka serotonin in your system, which helps in elevating our moods. Therefore, exercising is sure going to leave you feel good about yourself.

Have a motivating partner

It always helps to workout with somebody who is a good motivator. Sometimes, we tend to give up easily or just feel lazy to do that extra 10-minutes cardio. These are the times when we need a motivating buddy who will push us an extra mile. So, get a motivating partner for your workouts, if you intend to lose weight.

Be positive

There is no way either you or your motivating partner can help motivate you if you do not stay affirmative about the whole process of losing weight. It is essential to carry a positive attitude in order to overcome obstacles, if any.


For some of us, giving incentives to ourselves works as a wonderful motivational factor. The incentives could be anything depending on our likes. It could be treating yourself a nice meal at one of your favorite restaurants. Make a goal for yourself and treat yourself when you achieve your goal.

Visualize success

Learn to master the art of visualizing the success of your goals and get the feeling. For instance, if you are dying to fit into a particular dress then buy that dress and visualize yourself wearing that dress. Get a feel of that dress in your imagination. This works brilliantly well for motivational purpose.

Stay aware

It is a good idea to read as much as you can on fitness or workout sessions. Try reading some motivational stories of people who have already achieved their goals of losing weight. Perhaps, get yourself subscribed to fitness websites that sends daily motivational quotes in your inbox.
Chat with other likeminded people on fitness websites. You never know who can inspire you in what ways. So learn to stay connected with likeminded people, online and offline.

These tips should help you in staying motivated especially at the times when you feel unmotivated the most. Learn to stay focused on your goals and not let anything deter you.


Shanon is an avid reader who loves learning about health and nutrition. Over the years she has enjoyed studying how food and exercise affect the body, and is on a mission to share this information with others. She also enjoys writing about finance and reviewing products online. She is the best contributor towards prenatal fitness programs, which includes: exercises, yoga, meditation at different ages and particularly at the time of pregnancy.