No time for dieting or exercise but still want to look slimmer and stunning for Christmas. Stop frowning. Just get creative, spend a little money on yourself and look fabulously stunning by losing a few inches with the right outfit, hair and makeup. This is Christmas, dicing your budget a little shouldn’t bother you. But these three things must be done appropriately to make you look slimmer and gorgeous.

What to wear

The most daunting question in a woman’s life, ‘what should I wear?’ gets haunting when there are some extra pounds showing up. Hence it becomes important to look for a perfect outfit that hides the flaws. Read out:

Wrap up: Show some skin from chin to your cleavage –wear a front crossed classic dress, elongating your neck and making you look svelter. The attention diverting print in a jersey knit fabric would make you look bold and busy, in a good way. Shapewear underneath gives you  flattering and firmer curves.

Monochromatic look: Play with colors, get dressed in harmonious hues. Three deep, dark or light tones of any color from the bottom to the top, flirty cardigan that clings in-the-right places, cowl-neck, will turn you into a tall column of svelte style.

The Layering effect: Layers are perfect for shrinking your size instantly. A ruffled cardigan, abstract tunic with lined jeans will narrow down your legs. And belts, if cinched not too tightly are a win-win on this whole attire.

Shoes in Nude-Hues: Nude colors automatically makes you look thin and even lengthens your legs. Heels or flats matching your skin tone, will go on perfect with the dress you choose. Heels serves better if it’s about looking slimmer. Skip ankle straps.

Makeup techniques to slim your face

Many celebrities won’t look like the way they do without makeup. The right makeup can enhance your beauty manifolds.

Well defined brows: Keep them substantial, not very thick as they play an important role in slimming your face. A well defined arch in the middle can lift your face making it look slimmer. Color your brows a bit darker than their natural color to make them stand out.

Blush: Use a blush with a slight brown undertone, do not go for red–it makes your face look heavier. Apply blush just under the cheek bones and sweep it up to the middle of both ears.

Play with your eyes: eyes are the most important factor in making your face look heavy or light. Use eyeliner and mascara in a way, that your eyes look bigger. Go right with the eyeshadow, it must match your skin tone and eye color. Blue eyes- -gold and pink, green eyes—copper or plum and brown eyes– blue, teal and purple.

Highlight the right way: a touch of light highlighter on the top of your cheek bones, the nose and the forehead helps elongate and lift your face.

Lips in pink: light pink is the best color to make your face look slimmer and light. Dark shades make your face look heavy and nude colors make lips look thin.

How to do your hair

Just as makeup hides certain imperfections, similarly the way you do your hair adds a lot to looking slim.

Heightened Updo: A heightenend bun or vertical updo adds length to the face, making it look slimmer. It holds the attention of the person, thus diverting eyes from your imperfections.

Do some Face-Framing: hair falling on your face makes your face look thinner. A hairstyle with an updo, with layers of hair framing your face can make your face look thin. With a light ponytail on the back, pull your hair on the side and have it shape your face.

Lean Bangs: bangs either heavy or blunt can make your face look round. Blunt bangs look good only if you pair it with long layers around the face and for thin bangs, make sure your fringes are shorter in the middle and longer  the edges to create a slimmer look.

Do try these out before Christmas, so that you can carry a final look with some expertise.