The basic formula for losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. If you are in constant lookout for an easy way, then some regular things around your home can help in dropping off pounds? Sounds great, isn’t it? Here are few pointers for you.


Television – You can’t lose weight by just watching TV, no way. You need to change the way you view it and add something beneficial to the process. For instance you could make it a point to walk treadmill every time you hit the power button on TV. Moreover, you could watch exercise or health videos and follow simultaneously for at least an hour or so. Do away with the habit of eating and being sedentary while watching TV. Instead utilize it as a entertaining weight loss medium.

Stairs – Running up and down the stairs would let you tone your lower body and muscles besides burning off calories. Use as much of stairs as possible.

Containers With Measures Markings – Deploy containers and bowls with capacity markings on them for routine use. This would help you keep a check on the amount you take in and help follow a balanced diet. Moreover, these containers would assist you put a curb on the extra amount of ingredients you put in your food like spices, butter, oil, salt etc.

Towels – You could use a regular towel for a simple workout. Take a small bath towel in one hand and put this hand just above your shoulder. With the other hand grab the opposite end of the towel from the back. Pull as hard as you could and stay put for at least 30 seconds. This would help tone your back and serve as an easy stretch exercise.

Soda Bottles – You could use soup cans as free weights and exercise using them. The soda bottles could be used as heavier weights. Take these bottles in both hands and lay down on the floor straight. Then bring your body up halfway and lean back again. Repeat this ten times thrice a day and see the changes in the body.

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Small Capacity Glasses And Plates – Go for small slim glasses instead of big sized ones. We all tend to drink a lot of juices, squashes, and carbonated drinks during summers. Since all these have a substantial amount of sugar in them, these would worsen the weight situation. To abate the amount of sugar intake, make use of small capacity glasses.

You could also put in use small sized plates and spoons. Apart from slashing down the amount of food you gulp in, it would also satisfy the urge for plateful eating.

Mops And Vacuum Cleaner – Using your limbs and body muscles to move these cleaning materials around the house is a very effective way to burn down some calories. These serve the dual purpose for the effort of one: cleaning and exercising. When you push your vacuum cleaner or mop, stretch up your abdominal, leg and buttock muscles. Relax as you pull the vacuum back.

Motivating Notes – Take help of the regular sticky notes to keep you motivated for the weight loss routine. Pen down motivating reasons for losing weight on these sticky notes and put them at short intervals around the house. This would help you get a boost every time you look at them and also check you from going away from the weight loss goal.


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