There may be plenty of ways and endless diet regimen to lose weight. But most of them aren’t as interesting and exciting as dancing to your favorite tune.  Most of you will prefer exercises, but adding a dancing regimen to it will help stick to your workout session for longer periods.

If you dance for an hour, it helps to burn about 200 to 400 calories. This weight loss is equivalent to the calories you burn by swimming, cycling or walking. In addition, dancing to your favorite beats is stress relieving and relaxing.

So here’s a list of 5 intense dances to make you lose weight. Put on your dancing shoes this time:-

1.  Freestyle: Dance The Way You Like

It is a free spirited dance with Latin influence and poise. There is particularly no choreography involved and you are free to choose your steps. This dance is an amalgamation of many dance styles.  If you want benefits for weight loss from this dance style – keep music fast, your steps quick and minimum 30 minutes dancing session.

2. Ballet: Elegance Personified  

The best thing about ballet – it targets every bit of your body muscles. Doing a ballet routine daily for an hour helps to shed 400 calories. Ballet exercise raises metabolism in your body, which means body will burn fat during and after the workout session.

3. Pole Dance: Sensual yet Strengthening

Sensual body moves and seductive steps aren’t just what pole dance has to offers. Now day’s pole dance is one of the latest fitness craze among people. It is a fun way to practice aerobics, gain strength and amass cardiovascular benefits.  Pole dance also helps to lose weight and build confidence

4. Hip-Hop: Stylish, Rhythmic & Fun

This is the latest and uber cool way to get slim. Hip-hop is an active and well choreographed dancing style which requires an amazing attitude. But now days many gyms and fitness centers offer hip-hop dance classes for its benefits to lose weight. A daily 60 minutes hip-hop routine increases your strength and helps to burn 219 to 327 calories.

5 Zumba: Feverent and Energetic Dancing Style

Zumba is popular Latin American dance style and part of many fitness programs. There are 12 million people taking Zumba classes weekly, in over 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries. Practicing Zumba helps you to burn 500 to 800 calories depending on your body and the intensity of class. Try it and lose weight!

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