Sudden weight lose is when you lose 10 percent of your total body weight within a period of 6 months. If you are aiming at such a rapid weight loss, just stop and think. Is it right? The fat that has been clinging to your body for so long can’t be removed so quickly and if it happens, by any means, then something must be corrected or revisited for good of your health. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the helm of some serious health issues. Reasons of sudden weight loss issues are bizzare. Just check out:

The Causes of sudden weight loss

Medications: you are popping some pills to reduce your weight and these are slashing out the fats rapidly from your body.

A diet program- People who are desperate to kill their weight loss issues will start following any diet program they hear without even learning their scientific basis.

Starving- To fit in to your dress perfectly for the upcoming occasion, you start starving your body, depriving it of all the essential nutrients. This will lead to usage of your body fat which may make you look lean but makes your skin lose its sheen as well.

Low calorie fats- You start munching foods with an extremely low amount of calories. This is when your metabolic processes derive their energy from the stored fats in the body. Not good. Healthy high calorie foods are important to suffice the need of your bodily processes.

The Effects of sudden weight loss

Sudden weight loss can take a toll on your health. This is how, it happens

Headaches: this is the most common side effect experienced when one is not paying attention to a proper diet. When we say a proper diet, it means a well balanced diet. Often dealing with weight loss issues, we do not eat all the essential elements leading to pain in the head.

Fatigue: With the body being deprived of all the essential nutrients, your organs do not function properly and one feels tired all the time. This can sometimes lead to CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), a severe form of fatigue which has devastating results.

Low blood pressure: Starvation decreases flow of blood to the brain. People who starve can undergo bouts of low blood pressure sometimes, sometimes making them faint.

Irritable: Wrong methods followed to encounter weight loss issues can make one irritable and unhappy. People cut carbs so that they do not pile up more weight. Carbs help in releasing serotonin, a feel good hormone.

There are some more side-effects, depending on the type of weight loss method employed.

So how to resolve weight loss issues?

It is highly recommended that you choose the right technique for losing weight, be it picking supplements or a diet program. We do not suggest starvation. The good news is that there are some weight loss products which can help you lose weight safely and steadily without any adverse affect on the body. Such trends are encouraging as they do not play havoc on your body.

Now that you have known and understood what all can happen when weight loss issues are fought with these unhealthy manners, please stay away and follow some healthy methods. These include consulting a doctor, keeping patience and staying focused. You will surely lose weight and have a healthy life thereafter.

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