Best Obliques Exercises To Get Rid of Love Handles – [ An Infographic]


Are you wishing to get rid of love handles in these summers? Hitting pesky love handles isn’t as hard as it seems. Where regular abs exercise only develop the top and lower abs. These exercises will strengthen, tone, and burn fat off your obliques to help reveal all the extra muscle underneath. This love handle workout will help to slim your back straight down to your waist and butt, with no extra fat allowed. Exercises like side plank and lying leg raise can help you to get rid of love handles.

For briefer idea follow the infographic below by

Research suggests eating metabolism boosting foods have so many benefits. Food like apple, beans, tomato and many more. There are plenty of practical ways and exercises to burn belly fat that actually work! If you’re hoping to break up with your love handles, make sure that besides workout you’re also doing few other things:

  • Get Enough Sleep: When you’re tired, you’re more likely to reach for sugary snacks and extra calories to keep you going. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Manage Stress: If you’re always stressed out, there’s a chance stress is contributing to your belly fat. When high levels of cortisol exist in your body, it can increase the amount of visceral fat your body stores.
  • Eat Clean: Your diet matters as much as what workouts you do when it comes to losing the love handles. Be sure you’re eating nutritious, well-balanced meals that are full of vegetables, protein, and a few complex carbs.
  • Train Your Whole Core: The love handles might seem to sit off to the side but training your entire core will best results for a tight tummy. While your body sheds lose the fat through the remove clean eating and cardio.

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