Do you also find it difficult to control, yourselves at the site of a chocolate bar or cake. Are you struggling to put your cravings behind? We understand this has lead to massive weight gain and now losing it is one of the most biggest challenge of your life. Here is how you can control food cravings:

Oh! that is so filling
If you cannot control the urge to have that dessert, take a small mousel. Small piece, keep that in your mouth for sometime. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are having a full piece and feel.

so filling

The shape is intriguing
The juice/fiber they contain everything. Your body requires that healthy well-being. So, start loving the different fruit shapes.

fruit shape

Lemme try this today
It is not easy to change your eating habits in a day. So, someday you can pick a cupcake, oats porridge with honey or something sweet but remember healthy.



Look Away
The initial 10-15 minutes are crucial. If you can control your craving in this time, you can do it anyway. So indulge yourselves in some other task and see the difference.

look away


Walk the carvings off
Experts say that if you walk on a treadmill or in a lawn for a minimum of 45 minutes, images of foods that you love wan’t bother you.

Walk cravings off

Imagine yourself as Mia Amber Davis
Thinking of the negative effects of overeating will probably help you shun eating that extra pizza piece.

fa woman

Smell foods that you hate
When you visit a restaurant, make sure to order food items you hate and then smell them this will probably help you stay away from eating unhealthy food at that place.

hate food items

Eat those greens
Veggies are good to keep cravings away. Munch them even if you hate them.

veggie eating

Take a quick look at the supermarket shelves
To control yourself from buying snacks to eat latenight and start eating soon after you step out of that place. Just take a run at a supermarket with the strolley. Sounds crazy. Think of it as a workout, even if people around think you are insane.


Whenever you want to eat your favorite food item, break into some dance moves. Scream loud. This will distract you from the urge to eat that unhealthy food.


You can do it
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