With weight loss tips and other suggestions, there come several rules that guide you on how, what, and when to eat. Some rules are effective and necessary while others have become more rigid than they should be and exist for the sake of them. Therefore, you have to stay away from certain food rules when looking for ways to lose weight. They are unrealistic and quite restrictive, and sometimes even unscientific. These rules are universal and our bodies are different with different nutritional needs, body composition, culture, and medical histories. Get in touch with a certified nutritionist on chat or call with FITFEAST for diet recommendations based on your specific needs.

Stay Away From These “Food Rules”

  1. Don’t Eat After X o’clock in The Evening

You must have heard that eating before bed is not good for you. That may be true if you witness indigestion. You should definitely eat 2-3 hours before laying down for the night but that does not mean that you have to have your dinner by 8. It won’t work if you go to bed at midnight. The thing is that our schedules are not cut out for such eating habits. When you’re up for more than 3-4 hours after dinner, you’re likely to feel hungry and there’s no point in starving yourself. This rule, in fact, can lead to you indulging in some unhealthy snacking at night.

  1. Don’t Eat Processed Foods

Ideally, yes. But this rule is rather vague and does not help you make smart food choices. True, they are not fat burning foods but it’s virtually impossible to eat whole foods, which is impractical unless you have decided to become a Yogi(ni). Processed foods, as per definition, are those to which any other ingredient is added. For that matter, yogurt, whole wheat bread, almond butter, green tea, iherb things etc. are all processed foods. But you must choose between these and others like sugary biscuits, namkeens, chips, etc.

  1. Stay Away From Emotional Eating

More often than not, we eat when we feel emotional according to experts. We’re either mourning or celebrating. Yes, eating too much when you’re sad or happy is problematic but if you do it within limits, it helps manage stress and makes you feel better. You can, if you try, build a healthy relationship with food. However, eating should not be a coping mechanism.

  1. Always Cook From Scratch

You do not have to cook everything by yourself when you’re on a weight loss diet. It is not necessarily healthy. Some frozen foods, prepared or premade, can help you sustain healthy eating habits like eating on time and consuming controlled portions. Plus, it helps you save time in this era of rush and timelessness.

  1. Cut Down on Carbs

Carbs are the “demons” of the dieting world but you ought to remember that the body requires all macronutrients. Fewer carbs are better when on a low carb diet for weight loss but not otherwise. Carbs are a source of energy required by the body to function properly, physically and mentally. Stop taking crabs altogether and you will feel low on energy. They contain fiber, vitamins and minerals required by the body. But you can definitely reduce the number of carbs, especially processed grains.