Fad diets, food curbing and crash diet, weight loss seems to be a continuous effort. Even after following a strict diet regimen, people tend to gain weight. Why? Maybe because most fail to comprehend what a successful and permanent weight loss diet involves. This is why shedding too many pounds is just a temporary event followed (almost immediately) by weight gain.

 Adjusting eating and exercise habits often seems a daunting task and most of you never make it beyond a single day. But here are some healthy minded women who made it possible to reach their ultimate weight loss goals. Let’s have a glimpse of their success stories:

Mary Renwick

Mary is a 30 year old housewife who was lean and lissome before she moved to a military base in Sicily with her husband. While her husband was on tours she filled the lonely days with food. In the process she became 40kg heavier and her six-foot lean frame converted into obese and stout.

The Change in Lifestyle: When she developed a mindset to regain her normal figure there was nothing that could stop her. She started slowly with a walk on treadmill everyday. With regular amount of exercise she adjusted her eating habits as well. She replaced processed foods and bad carbohydrates with high-fiber and fat free diet. Her main strategy was to say a “big no” to white foods and eating outside. The last thing that kept her motivated all through the process was her bathroom scale. After a time span of 8 months she was back in her normal frame and lost 45kg.

Source [au.lifestyle.yahoo.com]


Crystal is a married housewife with two kids. She started noticing a bulge in her stomach after she recovered from her second delivery. She became 40 kg heavier than she originally was.

The Change in Lifestyle: After a continuous weight loss regimen of eating well, exercising and staying motivated for it, she lost 36 kg. According to her, the most difficult thing about losing weight is staying motivated all through the process. Her weight loss tip entails: diet, exercise. iPod, making friends at gym and rewards for weight loss!

[Source – shapefit.com]

Shannon Hammer

This 42 year old lady is a successful magazine editor. She was a victim of destructive dieting because her society always dictated that being thin is being healthy. She used to go on crash diet which made her eat excessive at the end of the day.

The Change in Lifestyle: What made her lose 48 kg in 2 years was her belief that weight loss is not about food deprivation but proper food choices. Her first step towards weight loss was every day morning walk. Along with this she never skipped exercise and had low-carbohydrate diet which was free of sugar. She never deprived herself from her favorite foods but kept a regular check on her diet.