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  • How Lemonade Diet Pill Work

    How Lemonade Weight loss Diet work?

    The Lemonade weight loss diet is also called “the Master Cleanse” as it involves drinking juice that has lemon base in it. This kind of weight loss diet follows a…

  • Lemonade Diet Pill

    Why take Lemonade Diet Pills?

    The Lemonade Pill allows one enjoy numerous benefits, all received by popping a single pill. The pills contain weight loss and cleansing properties that can achieve vastly improved results. They…

  • Lemonade Weight Loss Diet Plan

    Lemonade diet plan

    The “Lemonade Diet” meal plan is also called fasting diet plan, because no solid foods are consumed with it.Ingredients of lemonade mixture also present in the lemonade diet pill but…

  • Lemonade Diet Pill Reviews

    Lemonade Diet Pill review

    One need not say much on Lemonade diet pill review as it has been used since many years but in liquid form. Combining the benefits of a drink in a…

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Master Cleansing Lemonade: A History

Master Cleansing Lemonade: A History

The Master Cleanse was originally developed in 1940 as a stomach ulcer cure by alternative health practitioner Stanley Burroughs (1903-1991). The Master Cleanse is a 10-14 day fasting regimen used for detoxifying the body not only for ulcers, but for weight loss as well. It is also known as the Master Cleanser Diet, the Lemonade Diet, the Maple Syrup Diet, and the Cayenne Pepper Diet after the ingredients used, and the Beyoncé Diet after its most famous fan. Although the Master Cleanse is referred to as a fasting diet, it’s not really a fast as up to 1,300 calories are consumed every day in the form of sugars.

Before and After

Before and After

I am 40 years old. I never realized that weight gain could be dangerous until my doctor confirmed elevated blood sugar and weight gain to be the reason behind. I was depressed and started looking for natural weight loss solutions. Then, I found Lemonade Weightloss Diet . It has worked great for me as I have lost weight and my blood sugar is also under control.


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  • I gained 10 kgs of weight in winters. Before summers, I wanted to get back into shape to fit into my favorite beach wear. Nothing worked. Natalie, my sister recommended me Lemonade diet pill.  You won’t believe, I have lost all the weight I had gained, in fact slightly more.  I am receiving so many compliments for my evenly toned body.  

  • Due to work pressure I tend to overeat, which mainly contains a lot of carb. I had gained 6 kg’s in a month, even my clothes won’t fit me, my friends and colleague had started commenting on my body fat. Then my aunt Martha suggested me to try Lemonade Diet Pill and I can’t thank her enough as it worked wonders for me. I am in proper shape and weight now and I still enjoy my doughnuts and Cheese burgers every day.