We suffer from obesity.

                                               Our ancestors didn’t.

There are multiple reasons (both scientific and observable) for it and this post explores observable facts this time.

This is 21st century with highly advanced and improved medical facilities; still obesity is gripping our generation. Ever wondered why? By ancestors we mean way back into caveman time.

Human evolution shows that after our ancestors descended from trees, they went from being quadrupedal (moving on four legs) to bipedal (moving on two legs).  Our modern evolution made us walk from two legs to four wheels. This can be one reasons for obesity; but not the only. There are many more, such as:-

1. Obnoxious Modern Food Habits:

Food habit is essential for our health. There is a big difference in what we eat today and what our ancestors used to eat 1000 and 10000 years ago.  Besides, the fruits, grains, vegetables etc. were genetically and biologically different in that time. The acquired modern eating habits have there own ill effects causing severe health and weight issues.

Evolution in the modern food Habits

2 Lack of Workout

We have become extremely lazy and workouts seems boring to us. Our ancestors on the other hand were hard working, adventurous and roamers. They were fierce hunters which made their body agile and fit. If not hunting, you can atleast spare quick 20 – 30 minutes for workouts to keep your body fit.

3 Habitual to luxury and comfort:

Comfort and luxury are boon and bane of modern evolution. The accessibility to a comfortable life has its own implications and is one of the contributing factors to obesity. We have an A.C. drive to work, our walk is minimized by escalator and elevator, and a click gets all services delivered – What about physical activity? Our ancestors never tasted luxury. In fact adversities made them stronger, and spearheaded evolution. This doesn’t means you have to become a primate to lose weight. All you need is judicious and limited use of these comforts.

Habitual to luxury and comfort

4 Technologies:

For our ancestors the biggest technology was discovering fire by striking two stones. For us nonetheless, there are infinite modes of technology.  Most of the work is just one click far and it put us further into a safe comfort zone.  Technology is equally responsible for obesity, but depends mostly on the way we use it.

Dependency on Technologies

5 Illusion about obesity:

Over exposure to obesity and glamorizing weight loss has lead to many myths and illusions. Various studies show that there is no radical increase in terms of overweight and obesity like everybody thinks. Often there is more myth and less science when obesity is seen. All people want is to look slimmer. If you are underweight it seldom bothers, but if you gain even a single pound you become worried. Our ancestors weren’t figure or appearance conscious.