There are lot of ways to reduce weight but eating fruits for weight loss is a best way. After going through lots of tips for weight loss, we have found that eating right fruits is best among them. Right fruits at right times do magic to body. Best time to eat fruits is morning and never eat fruits exact after meal. Vitamin C is Super antioxidant for immune system. If weight loss is your goal, consider these tips to eat right fruits for weight loss:

Checkout the Infographics by showing Fruits to eat for weight loss.

If weight loss is your goal, consider these tips to eat right fruits for weight loss :

Orange: High in fiber and Rich source of vitamin C, they’ll help you feel full
Papaya: Papaya contains papain, and enzyme that boosts the digestion of food in your body
Blueberry: Increase your metabolic rate. Blueberries are excellent detoxifiers and bowel cleansers.
Guava: Rich in fiber, prevents constipation and help in digestion.
Pears: Rich in fiber pectin. Pears helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
Watermelon: Eating watermelon is a smart move for lowering your daily calorie intake. It is rich in amino acid with fat burning properties.
Bananas: Only fruit that contains the high amount of vitamin B6 and it will boost your metabolism
Kiwi: Black seeds of Kiwi are the good source of insoluble fibers that help in digestion.
Apple: Apple is low in calorie but high in fiber.
Grapefruits: Helps in lowering your cholesterol level.
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