Did you know that certain cues will make you eat? Many people are not aware of the reasons behind their snacking. The following are some of the triggers:


Boredom always sets in while studying and it’s natural to think of something pleasurable such as eating. Instead of fighting the urge, plan ahead. Plan 2 or 3 servings of your favorite low fat snacks. For example, fat free potato chips, fruits, low fat cheese and crackers, light microwave popcorn ( 1/3 bag ) or sliced veggies with low fat dressing. Have them every hour as a reward for studying.

Commercials on TV

Leave the room when TV commercials come on.


Boredom is the #1 reason for snacking. Find enjoyable activities during your free time such as surfing the Internet. Never have snacks visible, even in the refrigerator. Once seen, your subconscious will trigger a pleasure response. Next thing you know, you’re eating!


Procrastination is a big culprit to snacking. Have you ever put off a major task until the deadline and found yourself grabbing a bite to eat before working? This type of snacking cushions the pain of beginning a difficult task. Food is soothing and hard work is painful.

Anger or Depression

RECOGNITION is the best defense from overeating when angry or depressed. Evaluate your emotional state. If it’s not good, be prepared for a sudden urge to eat. Don’t give in. Eat only at your regular meal time and plan good between meal snacks. Carefully control food portion. Emotional imbalance will cause you to want more food on your plate. No seconds!

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