Thanksgiving is a much awaited occasion that comes around only once a year. With so many delicious cuisines cooked in real butter and cream, and those mouth-watering cakes and pies, it becomes quite difficult to avoid Thanksgiving weight gain. But, the relishing delicacies of the feast do not really have to sabotage your fitness. Here we have some Thanksgiving weight loss tips that you must keep in mind if you are the host or if you are invited for the Thanksgiving dinner. This will help you quench your desire for traditional favourites and enjoy the grand feast to the fullest.

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner:-

Make a healthy and thinner feast

The best way to avoid Thanksgiving weight gain is by preparing Thanksgiving dinner recipes using no or lesser fat, sugar, and calories. For example, you can make use of fat-free chicken broth to baste turkey and make gravy. Make use of fat free cream and yogurt to make creamy dips, mashed potatoes, and casseroles. Start with broth-based soups and vegetable salads, and include more fruits and vegetable recipes to add more fibre to help curb your appetite and avoid weight gain. For the desert you can go with pumpkin pie pudding, the ingredients of which are milk, brown sugar, cornstarch, eggs, pumpkin (canned) and pumpkin pie spice. It has only half of the fat content as compared to other sorts of pudding but enough calcium.

Hit the floor

We all know that dancing is a fun way to burn calories. Moreover, it is enjoyed by people of all ages making the special occasion ever more special. Therefore, you can and we would suggest that you must organize a dance floor where you and your guest can sway to the music after the relishing dinner. This will not only be entertaining for everyone, but will aid in melting away excessive fat that you might have consumed during the meal.

Announce a walk after the meal

When everybody is at the dinner table for the Thanksgiving celebration, you can ask you guests to participate in a walk that you have planned after the dinner. Most of them would like to join you and with many people ready for it, it will be hard to bail out. A brisk walk after your dinner will help to burn out the extra calories that might otherwise get accumulated in your body as fat.

If you are invited to the Thanksgiving dinner:-

Even if you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner feast at your friend’s place, you can still stick to your weight loss goals by considering the tips below.

Don’t save calories

You might be among those people who start restricting their calorie intake from the meals prior to Thanksgiving dinner, thinking that the delicacies at the dinner table would compensate those missing calories. However, this is not the correct way of equalizing your calorie intake throughout the day. This will actually make you hungrier and you might even overeat. It is therefore always better to eat a a healthy breakfast, lunch and even little snacks in the afternoon so that you enjoy small portions of Thanksgiving dinner and do not eat much.

Select the dishes wisely

Since Thanksgiving dinner table beautifully displays the traditional family favourites as well as exotic holiday cuisines, it is always better to take a round of the dinner table, prior to filling your plate. Select foods that are especially made for the festival as it can help avoid calorie intake from the foods that can be eaten all year long. Another thing to resist is going back for second servings. Although, the tempting dishes makes this hard for you, but you ought to control and keep room for the dessert. Eating slowly can help you to restrict your dinner to one plate.

Help out in doing the dishes

After the celebration is over, don’t just run back home. Instead insist on helping to do the dishes. This way, you can burn enough of the extra calories that you consumed during the dinner plus you will get extra time to spend with your friend, who will definitely appreciate this gesture of yours.

Don’t hesitate to work out next morning

In place of feeling bloated and lethargic the next day, commit to yourself that you will work out enough. You can also schedule your workout plan with your friend to make sure that you show up.

Following the above given Thanksgiving weight loss tips  will not only help you to enjoy the savours of the Thanksgiving feast, but will also let you avoid putting up extra weight.


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