You can’t be convicted for eating unhealthy food when you are busy socializing with your friends and family during holidays! It is almost inevitable to stop yourself or somebody to maintain healthy eating attitude during the holidays. However, it is not impossible to have a healthy eating holiday.

Below here, find some feasible healthy holiday eating tips!

1. Chew gums
2. Substitute alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic mocktails
3. Carry dry fruits and eat them as appetizers
4. Have strong preference for eating veggies and fruits
5. Eat moderately
6. Do not start your holiday parties with an empty stomach. Eat fruits beforehand.
7. Always carry small dishes while eating at holiday parties.
8. Keep the menu simple
9. Eat at regular intervals.
10. Don’t skip your meals.
11. Overcome your temptation to eat chips and chocolates
12. Make sure that all your holiday parties have only healthy meals served
13. Avoid or eat less of cakes and desserts
14. Stay aware of what you are eating.
15. Don’t over eat. Learn to say no when you are done eating.
16. Avoid stopping over fast food places while travelling.
17. Be very wise in filling your plate. Choose low calorie items.
18. Drink lots of water
19. Choose to sit next to a healthy eater while eating
20. Avoid including sugar sweetened beverages in the menu
21. Avoid eating carbs after 6pm
22. Don’t use holiday parties as your excuse for indulging in fattening foods
23. Always read the ingredients before buying frozen and canned vegetables
24. Try to reduce the intake of sugar and sodium
25. Stay away from food
26. Stay focused on people and not food
27. Buy food from convenience stores
28. Carry some travel friendly snacks
29. Remember you are there to socialize and not for food!
30. Always steam your food.

5 most vital precautions to take while binge eating during holidays

1. Make sure that all your meals are protected from insects or birds while camping.
2. Take care of perishable foods. Store them separately from cooked food
3. Remember to cook food at right temperatures.
4. Wash your hands gently before handling meat or any poultry products
5. It is necessary to cover your food as it helps to maintain moisture.

You can enjoy your holidays even after incorporating healthy eating tips. Your body will be thankful to you for the favor!


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