This is difficult, isn’t it? But how do you do it? The question must be bothering you.  In today’s fast paced life, where computers run faster than light, finding time to even move away from your work stations is next to impossible.

But, this kind of schedule is taking you nowhere, rather it is decreasing your performance.  And sitting on your chair all day only makes you gain weight and increases your chances of “presenteeism”—the term coined for loss of productivity at work due to issues like health, family problems, stress etc.

Sitting down behind the desk for long hours can cause your metabolism to slow down, increasing your chances of becoming overweight. But there’s nothing to worry about. By implementing a few healthy habits while sitting down can reduce your chances of gaining weight and help you lose weight while sitting at a desk.

Sit Up Straight

If you don’t have a choice except sitting whole day in one position at your desk, you can at least try to sit up straight. Sitting in good postures will increase your chances of burning calories. Rather than leaning back on the chair, sit up straight use your muscles in your back and in your abdominal. It helps you tone some of the muscles in your lower back. Try doing it every time to realize that you have leaned down enough. Fifteen minutes of sitting up straight will make you feel it.


Flex While You Sit

Another great way to burn calories is to flex and stretch your muscles while you are sitting. You can flex your feet, rotate your ankles, stretch your legs and your arms and stretch your face.

Not much but these activities can help burn only a few calories at a time. When you get up for a cup of coffee or when you go to the washroom, take an extra five minute walk to increase the blood circulation. Take out some time to chat with your co-workers, laugh and relax your mind. Laughter certainly increases your calorie burn and even helps you relieve the stress.

Invest in a stability ball

Ditch the chair and invest in a stability ball. Stability ball force you to contract more of your abdomen which leads to more calorie burning even while sitting on your back all day. Your abs develops extra strength while sitting on a ball which can reduce the symptoms of lower back pain.


Switch to healthy snacks

Trade junk food for healthy snacks. While sitting at your desk whole day, one other way in which you take in more calories is by snacking up on junk or unhealthy foods whole day. Moreover, if you are under stress at work, you tend to eat more or overeat, that’s another way in which you gain weight. So, if you have to meet the deadlines and want to compensate by stuffing yourself with junk, try to go for a healthier snack. A fruit or a dry fruit or cottage cheese can help.


Don’t let your throat dry

Drink a glass of cold water every hour. Water helps you keep up with this sedentary routine by increasing your metabolism every time you have it. Why cold water? According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, cold liquids slightly lower your body’s core temperature and when this happens, your body burns more calories to help get the temperature back to normal.


These are a few tips on how to lose weight while sitting at a desk whole day for 8-9 hours. If you can afford to try more at your desk itself, you can practice a few exercises that can be done sitting at your desk like the chair dip, the desk push-up, the seated reverse crunch and the seat squat.

Make sure you don’t break your computer while performing these exercises.


Shanon is an avid reader who loves learning about health and nutrition. Over the years she has enjoyed studying how food and exercise affect the body, and is on a mission to share this information with others. She also enjoys writing about finance and reviewing products online. She is the best contributor towards prenatal fitness programs, which includes: exercises, yoga, meditation at different ages and particularly at the time of pregnancy.