Dietrine Carb Blocker: safe or not?

There is no chance of one getting Dietrine carb blocker side effects as the product is 100 % safe. Generally, the active ingredients of weight loss pills are harsh as they may contain ephedra, ma huang, ephedrine or some stimulants which may bring harmful side-effects. Additionally it provides energy to the body and stops fatty food craving. Dietrine carb blocker is backed by everyone.



  • Phase 2 is first clinically and scientifically proven starch neutralizing ingredient.
  • It is clinically studied and verified for its ability to reduce assimilation of starch calories in the body by 66-75% leading to lesser calorie intake.



Doctors recommend Dietrine as there are no reports of Dietrine carb blocker side effects from both, consumers as well as authorities’ ends.



Recommended Dietrine Carb Blocker Dosage:



Dietrine carb blocker is a health supplement and therefore no prescription is required. The recommended dosage is 1 capsules before heavy meals, either once or twice a day.