Acai Berry Select ingredients and dosage

Acai Berry Select Ingredients

The natural composition of Acai Berry Select ingredients makes it a safe product for weight loss. All the ingredients of acai berry select are famous for their weight loss properties.


Acai Berry Select ingredients that help in slimming comprises of:

Acai Berry (Extract) 50 mg: Acai berry contains fiber and fatty acids, both useful in burning fat easily and processing food more quickly and efficiently. It also possesses monounsaturated fat, effective in trimming the waist.
Chromium (as polynicotinate) 75 mcg: Chromium reduces weight gain and fat storage by keeping blood sugar level normal. Additionally it boosts muscle mass and strength.
Green Tea Extract 225 mg: Green tea extract consist of an antioxidant catechin. One of its derivatives is (EGCG) helps in melting away fat and maintaining a low cholesterol level.
Caffeine 200 mg: Lipolysis or break down of fat stores into useable energy is triggered by caffeine. When combined with regular work out, it aids in weight loss.
L-Theanine 8 mg: L-Theanine contains amino acids which lowers the cholesterol level and prevents body from fat build-up. In combination with caffeine it shows rapid weight loss results.


Recommended Acai Berry Select Dosage:

Though all Acai Berry Select ingredients are natural but people must consult a doctor as not much data is available to predict the amount of the ideal dose. Therefore, users must follow the instructions given on the label of the product.