Banana contains three types of natural sugar – sucrose, fructose, and glucose. It has been proved from all the research that consuming only two bananas can be sustained for 90 minutes. The idea of this fact is that Banana is the number one fruit in the diet of the world’s leading players. The banana does not just give energy, but it also helps in keeping fit. It is beneficial to consume it daily.

Asthma In Children
The main cause of asthma in children is a contaminated atmosphere. It can be said that nowadays, the weather is not right at all in terms of children. At the same time, some mothers do not breastfeed their children, whose impact falls on the child’s immune system and its health. From which they are vulnerable to many other diseases, including asthma. Asthma is a respiratory disease. In it, due to inflammation in the respiratory tract, they shrink, causing breathing problems.

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When asthma attack occurs, the breathing canals can be completely closed, which can stop the supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body. A study conducted by Imperial College of London has proved that if children are given only one daily, the effect of 34% of asthma is reduced. Children who do not like to eat banana can be given in the morning, banana and curd or made of bananas and milk. Surely the kids will like it quite a lot.

Other Benefits of Banana

  • Mixing banana and honey with milk removes the problem of insomnia. It also regulates the sugar level of the body, which is a panacea for hangover.
  • By eating bananas in breakfast, energy increases and nutrients like sucrose, fructose and glucose are also found. Those people who do not eat food because of the busyness, if you eat bananas then you will get energy immediately.
  • Those people who had suffered from depression, they used to feel better after eating. This is just because banana contains protein tryptophan, it is a protein that converts into body serotanin. Serotonin is known for relieving mental stress, improving mood and keeping happy.
  • The amount of fiber in two small bananas is equivalent to one bread. Not only this, it also controls blood pressure. Actually, banana is beneficial in blood cholesterol. In this banana contains vitamin C, A, potassium and vitamin B6. Potassium controls blood pressure and also removes unwanted substances from kidneys.
  • Banana contains enough iron. It increases hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, people who suffer from anemia, if they make a part of their diet, then the complaint of anemia will be overcome.
  • Eating this fruit rich in potassium increases mental strength and alertness in studies. Twenty-five students of England’s Twicken Hamm School included banquets in breakfast, breaks and lunch, and found that their ability to read and brain power was higher than ever before.
  • During pregnancy, women need the most vitamins and minerals. In such a way, if they include banana in their diet, the body will also get energy and it will be easily digested.

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